Many of you email us asking how to submit a story, photography, or illustration for the next almanac. We love this! But we also understand it's kind of hard to send in something for consideration without really knowing what we're looking to publish. So here are some hints:  

1. We're interested in stories about people (anywhere in the world!) and how they spend their time off. Know someone with a cool day job who does something even cooler on the weekend? Someone whose Saturday you totally envy? Someone who blogs, cooks at a talked-about restaurant, designs, brews, owns their own business, is in the arts, or just generally does something pretty awesome for their 9-to-5 and then spends the weekend relaxing in style or working on a surprising project? We want to know about it!

2. Whether you're a writer, photographer, or illustrator, send us an email at weekendedit@gmail.com with a short paragraph telling us about this person. Do you have access to them? What part of this would you like to contribute (the photos? illos? words?), and when do you think you could complete this by? 

3. Tell us what this person does with his/her time off that's so compelling. Weekend Almanac is all about the contrast between the daily grind of the work week and the pure joy and freedom of the weekend. So be sure to mention what this person does for a day job in addition to the weekend activity they do (or have done, like a recent fishing trip for example) that will be the main subject of the story. We like subjects around weekend house projects, eating and drinking, short day trips, home interiors, laid-back fashion, activity pages, getting lost in the woods, brunch, side projects, recipes--heck, even if it's a recipe for homemade laundry detergent. 

4. Mention, too, which chapter you think this story is best suited for: Friday? Saturday? Sunday? 

5. If you don't have a specific story to pitch, you can always send us an email with a couple of examples of your work, and we'll add you to our short list of people to call up for an assignment!

6. Please include in the subject line "No. 4 Submissions."