Make Something Awesome: Contribute To Weekend Almanac No. 2

We're pleased as party punch to announce the making of Weekend Almanac No. 2 (on sale some time this March). Thanks to the success of No. 1 -- as seen in Design*Sponge, Poppytalk, and stores around the world -- we've nearly sold out and are ready to make it another fabulous weekend for all of our readers. 

We created Weekend Almanac to give creative folks a special keepsake that showcases the things they make and do for fun during their time off. And if you're like us, you made your weekend count. Starting today, we're accepting submissions for articles, essays, photography, illustrations, recipes, day trips, and whatever else you think up over your Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

your deadline: November 6

special instructions: Email us your work in a Word document or in low-res jpegs at weekendedit@gmail.com, and start your subject line with "No. 2 Submission." Story and photo essay ideas are great, but you'll have a better chance of making it into Weekend Almanac if you send finished work that really tells the story of some part of your Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. 

inspiration: We'll be tweeting fun headlines to get you going over the next few weeks. But in general, we're mostly interested in food, day trips, music, lazing about, getting together with friends, gardening, going outside, some fashion, activity pages to do in bed, travel, DIY projects, boozing, brunch, creativity, exploring something new, etc. You know: everything you love to do over long, luxurious weekends.

who will be selected: On November 10, we'll email everyone who's offered us their weekend projects to tell them whether or not we'll be including them in No. 2. Our story lineup will all depend on how everything fits together, so please don't take it to heart if you're not selected. In fact, if your submission shows promise, we may get in touch to see if you're interested in taking on an assignment!

labors of love: Because Weekend Almanac is ad-free at this time and made by a two-woman team, we can only pay chosen contributors with a free almanac and tons of thanks and appreciation all over the interwebs. Of course, we hope to change this as we continue to grow, so fingers crossed! 

Good luck, follow us on Twitter @weekendalmanac for updates, and do share with anyone you know who lives for the weekend, which, let's be honest, is basically everyone.