Preeti Mistry's Tomato Chutney

Cherry Tomato Chutney (Makes 1 Quart)

2 pints cherry tomatoes, halved

¼ cup neutral oil (such as rice bran oil or sunflower oil)

1 tablespoon onion seeds

1  tablespoon whole cumin seeds

2  tablespoons minced ginger

1  tablespoon indian red chili powder

1 cup white wine vinegar


1. Heat medium saucepan on high heat for one minute.  Add oil, onion and cumin 

seeds.  Let seeds sizzle but not burn for about one minute.

2. Add ginger and stir to cook without burning.  A little bit of ginger will stick to 

the bottom of the pan and that is ok.  Add cherry tomatoes and stir to release 

ginger stuck on the bottom of the pan.  Let come up to a simmer, add chili 

powder and vinegar.  

3. Let simmer until cherry tomatoes begin to wilt but still hold their shape.  

Season with salt to taste and remove from heat.



who: Sanji Maitra, Brooklyn-based rock star and social media maven

what's in No. 2: Sanji wrote a weekend survival guide to Hillstock, a backyard music festival she started in her neighborhood that's grown to more than 1,000 attendees. 

weekends aren't complete without...watching everything on your DVR.

(after) work: On Friday nights, when she isn't playing with her band The Eskalators, she hits up happy hour followed by a bodega sandwich and some Dateline on her couch.




who: Sheri Giblin, Brooklyn-based photographer

what's in No. 2: Sheri went upstate to escape the frenzy of the city and tap into the creative arts scene in Hudson, New York.

weekends aren't complete without...a lazy morning with extra snuggle time with my 7-year-old daughter.

work: She just returned from a month of traveling throughout Southern India with her friend Maria del mar Sacasa, a food stylist and writer. She can't wait to share the project with world. First though, she has to edit through 4,000 photos and videos.




who: Iris Willow, jewelry designer

what's in No. 2: She wrote about her day trip to a secluded beach in Tomales Bay and how she avoided the oyster-shucking crowds in "Private Party."

why we love her: Iris is the ultimate planner, leading group trips to the Grand Canyon, through South America, and Laos.

weekends aren't complete without...sunshine and good company.

work: She just launched her Etsy store, selling colorful enamel and sterling silver earrings she makes by hand in her live-work loft. 




who: Maren Caruso, food and lifestyle photographer

what's in No. 2: She styled and shot recipes for midnight munchies ("Made to Order") and captured our favorite weekend overnight bags ("Good to Go").

why we love her: Yes, she has a refined eye for killer shots and natural beauty. But she also gets down and dirty with Waylon Jennings and Curtis Mayfield on her record player, depending on her mood.

weekends aren't complete without...sleeping in past 6 a.m.

work: She's starting up a gluten-free magazine called GFF (Gluten-Free Forever). 




who: Andrea Ferretti, writer

what's in No. 2: She wrote about a very cool Friday pizza night that took place in a graffitied alleyway not too far from her house.

why we love her: "Pizza is part of my ideal Friday night. My husband and I go to the very family-friendly Pizza Hacker around the corner from our house. Then, ideally, my toddler is in bed by 8 p.m. so that I can have a glass of wine with my husband and snuggle on the couch watching an episode of Downton Abbey."

weekends aren't complete without...Ritual coffee and pastries.

work: She's redesigning a website for her husband Jason (a yoga teacher) and will be rolling out yoga sequences and pose breakdowns every month with illustrations by Josh McKible.




who: Thayer Allyson Gowdy, photographer

what's in No. 2: She shot a series of Instagram photos of all her weekend adventures to create a beautiful patchwork at the beginning and end of the almanac.

why we love her: Her backyard is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, complete with hammocks and a fire pit.

weekends aren't complete without...a day on the beach in Bolinas, California, surfing with my man, and a sunset beach run with my dog, Scout.

work: She's working on a line of handcrafted stained-glass feathers with her father. Check 'em out at the Wilderness Workshop




Many of you email us asking how to submit a story, photography, or illustration for the next almanac. We love this! But we also understand it's kind of hard to send in something for consideration without really knowing what we're looking to publish. So here are some hints:  

1. We're interested in stories about people (anywhere in the world!) and how they spend their time off. Know someone with a cool day job who does something even cooler on the weekend? Someone whose Saturday you totally envy? Someone who blogs, cooks at a talked-about restaurant, designs, brews, owns their own business, is in the arts, or just generally does something pretty awesome for their 9-to-5 and then spends the weekend relaxing in style or working on a surprising project? We want to know about it!

2. Whether you're a writer, photographer, or illustrator, send us an email at with a short paragraph telling us about this person. Do you have access to them? What part of this would you like to contribute (the photos? illos? words?), and when do you think you could complete this by? 

3. Tell us what this person does with his/her time off that's so compelling. Weekend Almanac is all about the contrast between the daily grind of the work week and the pure joy and freedom of the weekend. So be sure to mention what this person does for a day job in addition to the weekend activity they do (or have done, like a recent fishing trip for example) that will be the main subject of the story. We like subjects around weekend house projects, eating and drinking, short day trips, home interiors, laid-back fashion, activity pages, getting lost in the woods, brunch, side projects, recipes--heck, even if it's a recipe for homemade laundry detergent. 

4. Mention, too, which chapter you think this story is best suited for: Friday? Saturday? Sunday? 

5. If you don't have a specific story to pitch, you can always send us an email with a couple of examples of your work, and we'll add you to our short list of people to call up for an assignment!

6. Please include in the subject line "No. 4 Submissions."





who: Diana Heom, illustrator

what's in No. 2: She illustrated all of the chapter art for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

why we love her: "I like the idea of going running, but usually I end up having a glass of wine instead."

weekends aren't complete without...friends, wine, and catching up on sleep.

work: She's redesigning the logo for Counterpulse, a performance art venue. 




who: Serena Renner, travel writer

what's in No. 2: A how-to guide on planning a very last-minute camping trip on Friday night. 

why we love her: "My perfect Saturday consists of waking up naturally and slowly, grabbing a to-go coffee with my partner at our corner cafe, and walking to the farmers market to pick up bread, eggs, and produce for brunch at home. In the afternoon, I'd like to be hiking, surfing, or exploring a new corner of Sydney, my recently adopted home city."

weekends aren't complete without: an adventure. And lots of red.

work: Look out for her feature she's working on about an ancient temperate rainforest in Tasmania.




who: Kimberley Hasselbrink, photographer and The Year In Food blogger

what's in No. 2: On a road trip to Mammoth, California, she stumbled across hot springs and captured the people enjoying them at sunset in "Happy Campers." 

weekends aren't complete without: a long hike followed by a big meal.

work: In June, her first cookbook Vibrant Food comes out. It's all about being inspired by and cooking intuitively through color. 




who: Lisa Congdon, Oakland-based illustrator

what's in No. 2: She created a beautiful forecast for the next year's worth of holidays and Mondays off in "Long Weekends."

weekends aren't complete without: Lagunitas IPA and a small dance party in her living room.

why we love her: Her ideal Friday night is dinner and a movie with her wife.

work: Look out for her solo show of abstract paintings and drawings at Marion + Rose's Workshop, beginning May 2.


 © Sarah Deragon Photography

© Sarah Deragon Photography


Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 9.32.13 AM.png

Submissions Closed for No. 2

Thanks, everyone, for sending us your photos, writing, and illustrations to be considered for No. 2. We'll be spending the next two days furiously going through the hundreds of submissions to create a lineup that fits into our Friday, Saturday, and Sunday chapters. To be honest, it's going to be hard to choose because of the high quality of work you sent in. 

But we'll email you either way on Sunday, November 10 to let you know whether or not you'll be in our next almanac. There may even be a few assignments up for grabs if we liked your original submission but just couldn't find a place for it.  

More than anything, thank you all for supporting Weekend Almanac. We couldn't do it without you. 




what's inside no. 1

 "Poster Boys"   A DIY project to do over happy hour.

"To-Do List"   A short checklist to help you have a good weekend.

"Two for the Road"    Photographer Emily Fasten and her sister take off early for a road trip down California's coastal highway.

"The Early Bird"   When your job at Dynamo Donuts is to make other people's mornings sweet. 

"Hangover Cures"    Your antidote to the morning after.

"Far Out in the Sunset"   Danny Hess and Erin Kunkel's guide to San Francisco's beachside neighborhood.

"All You Knead"    Photographer Kate Sears and woodworker James Harmon on making the ultimate loaf of bread.

"Free for All"    Leave your wallet at home for a free farmers market.

"Good in Bed"   Chloe Aftel gives us loungewear fashion for a very lazy day at home. 

"Color Me!"    Illustrator Patrick Long's coloring book page.

"Treasure Hunt"    The Perish Trust offers their tips for vintage hunting and gathering at flea markets.

"Finder's Fare"    Jacob Pritchard and friends fish and forage for an outdoor Sunday dinner party.

"The Time to Eat"   Our guide on what to eat when.




Make Something Awesome: Contribute To Weekend Almanac No. 2

We're pleased as party punch to announce the making of Weekend Almanac No. 2 (on sale some time this March). Thanks to the success of No. 1 -- as seen in Design*Sponge, Poppytalk, and stores around the world -- we've nearly sold out and are ready to make it another fabulous weekend for all of our readers. 

We created Weekend Almanac to give creative folks a special keepsake that showcases the things they make and do for fun during their time off. And if you're like us, you made your weekend count. Starting today, we're accepting submissions for articles, essays, photography, illustrations, recipes, day trips, and whatever else you think up over your Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

your deadline: November 6

special instructions: Email us your work in a Word document or in low-res jpegs at, and start your subject line with "No. 2 Submission." Story and photo essay ideas are great, but you'll have a better chance of making it into Weekend Almanac if you send finished work that really tells the story of some part of your Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. 

inspiration: We'll be tweeting fun headlines to get you going over the next few weeks. But in general, we're mostly interested in food, day trips, music, lazing about, getting together with friends, gardening, going outside, some fashion, activity pages to do in bed, travel, DIY projects, boozing, brunch, creativity, exploring something new, etc. You know: everything you love to do over long, luxurious weekends.

who will be selected: On November 10, we'll email everyone who's offered us their weekend projects to tell them whether or not we'll be including them in No. 2. Our story lineup will all depend on how everything fits together, so please don't take it to heart if you're not selected. In fact, if your submission shows promise, we may get in touch to see if you're interested in taking on an assignment!

labors of love: Because Weekend Almanac is ad-free at this time and made by a two-woman team, we can only pay chosen contributors with a free almanac and tons of thanks and appreciation all over the interwebs. Of course, we hope to change this as we continue to grow, so fingers crossed! 

Good luck, follow us on Twitter @weekendalmanac for updates, and do share with anyone you know who lives for the weekend, which, let's be honest, is basically everyone.




contributor spotlight

who: Jacob Pritchard

what: Brooklyn-based photographer

work: He gathered up all his friends and spent a day foraging, fishing, and cooking an awesome fall meal en plein air for our story "Finder's Fare."

weekends: Most of the time, he's surfing the 90th Street break in the Rockaways or having friends over for brunch at his Greenpoint loft.   

why we love him: While on assignment for Weekend Almanac, Jacob came face-to-face with a bear and managed to host a dinner immediately after, unshaken and hardly stirred. 


photo (5).JPG

Coloring Pages

Inspired by childhood memories of spending Sunday afternoons in front of a coloring book, we asked illustrator Patrick Long to make something anyone can take crayons, paints, pencils, or markers to. A few readers have been sending us their handy work, and eventually we'd like to display them all here and perhaps have a vote on everyone's favorite. Email your coloring pages to us at or post it on Instagram with #weekendalmanac or #weekendcolorme.





contributor spotlight

who:  Leah Fasten

what: Commercial and editorial photographer based in Boston and the Bay Area

work: Documented a road trip down California's coastal highway over a long weekend.

weekends: According to her Twitter stream, tracking down gluten-free pastries.   

why we love her: Her long weekend took her to one our favorite places in the worldEsalen in Big Sur. 




contributor spotlight

who: Erin Kunkel

what: Lifestyle photographer 

work: Took us on the local's guide to San Francisco's surfer haven in the Sunset.

weekends: Her Labor Day long weekend was spent working on assignment in Mexico, flying home for a dinner party with friends, and renovating her home office.   

why we love her: "I'm a lover of film and digital, fog and sun, planes and trains, dinner parties and bonfires, big productions and one woman shoots." Enough said.




contributor spotlight

who:  Robyn Lehr + Timothy Caspare

what:  San Francisco photographer + Quince chef de cuisine

work: Cooked, styled, and shot our crowd-sourced hangover cures.

weekends: Taking care of the baby.

why we love them: Timothy's kitchen skills are usually put to use plating nine-course tasting menus at one of the best restaurants in the Bay Area. But for us, he whipped up one amazing (albeit humble) fried egg sandwich. Robyn captured it, and in a few minutes we had a shot that was worth licking off the page.